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Several principles of common barcode scanners

Usually, when we buy things in the supermarket and pay the bill, the price scanned by the salesperson is the barcode scanner. The scanner uses its own light source to irradiate the barcode, and then uses the photoelectric converter to receive the reflected light, and converts the light and shade of the reflected light into digital signals. No matter what kind of rule is adopted, the barcode is composed of dead zone, start character, data character and end character. Some barcodes have check characters between data characters and termination characters.

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Application of 2D barcode in fresh agricultural products traceability management

Absrtact: most of the existing food quality and safety information systems in China can only achieve simple data entry and display functions, and it is urgent to adopt more advanced, comprehensive and convenient systems to realize the whole process and whole industry chain traceability management of fresh products. This paper analyzes the system structure of 2D barcode in the traceability of fresh agricultural products in supermarkets.

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Overview of barcode scanner

When contacting barcode scanning gun, we often encounter many difficult technical terms, such as optical resolution (optical resolution), maximum resolution (maximum resolution), color resolution (color depth), scanning mode, interface mode (connection interface), etc. Now let's introduce the basic knowledge of these barcode scanning guns, so that we can have a better understanding of barcode scanning guns, which can also be used as a reference when we buy barcode scanning guns. In fact, barcode scanner, barcode scanning gun and barcode reader are the same thing

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Bar code scanner - the "smart machine" on the cash register

In recent years, bar code scanners began to appear in front of people, from zero sales supermarket to factory goods scanning, from bank bill scanning to medical registration single scanning, the application field of bar code scanners is more and more broad, people's understanding of bar code scanners is also more and more. Because of the variety of goods and rapid circulation in zero sales industry, bar code scanner has been well used in major retail industries.

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How does the barcode scan module work in smart devices?

For how the barcode scan module works, many people are not very clear about the working principle. Before you know it, what can it do? Barcode scan module is widely used in the field of automatic identification of the core recognition components, it is one of the key parts of the barcode scanner secondary development, with complete and independent barcode scan and decoding function, and can be written into various industry applications according to the demand, it has small size, high integration, can be easily embedded into mobile phones, tablet computers, printers, Pipeline equipment, medical devices and other equipment, used to read bar code or 2D, so as to achieve the processing of bar code.

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Embedded barcode scanning module sharing umbrella for you and me

Rain, no umbrella, can only wait for the rain to stop in the subway? To solve the problem of people forgetting to bring their umbrellas on rainy days, the subway has launched a bike sharing app, which allows people to borrow their umbrellas with a brush of the QR code of their mobile phones. Recently, Shanghai Metro introduced the sharing umbrella equipment. It effectively solves the problem of people blocking the subway in rainy days, and also provides convenience for the public. I have to say that this is a convenient measure.

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