Application of 2D barcode in fresh agricultural products traceability management

Tue Jun 14 14:48:32 CST 2022

Application of 2D barcode in fresh agricultural products traceability management

Absrtact: most of the existing food quality and safety information systems in China can only achieve simple data entry and display functions, and it is urgent to adopt more advanced, comprehensive and convenient systems to realize the whole process and whole industry chain traceability management of fresh products. This paper analyzes the system structure of 2D barcode in the traceability of fresh agricultural products in supermarkets.

In order to improve consumer trust and brand advantage of ecological food, countries all over the world vie to develop and implement the identification system and traceability management system of ecological food, and some countries also legislate to enforce it. China should also learn from the management experience of developed countries, according to international rules, create a set of traceability management system suitable for China's national conditions, ensure the safety and health quality of ecological food, so as to enhance China's international market competitiveness and domestic market share of ecological food.

1、 Background

For a long time, due to the lack of autonomous sensor recognition technology, China's food quality and safety information system mostly interacts with users through PC B / s or CS interface, which is a typical Internet of things information system. This mode of information system in China's food industry management status and personnel quality, in fact, can only achieve simple data entry and display function. Therefore, in the "12th Five Year Plan for the development of Internet of things", the Ministry of industry and information technology emphasized that we should vigorously develop the fine management of agricultural production and the application of Internet of things for the quality and safety traceability of agricultural products.

2D barcode is a low-cost Internet of things sensing technology, its storage capacity has been greatly improved than the traditional one-dimensional barcode, thousands of characters can be stored in a postmark size barcode symbol. As a large capacity, low-cost information carrier technology, 2D barcode can be widely used in transportation, industry and agriculture, commerce, finance, customs, national defense, public security, health care and government management.

Using 2D barcode in fresh agricultural products traceability system of supermarket has many advantages

(1) 2D barcode has the same "zero cost" advantage as 1D barcode, but its storage capacity is more "huge" than 1D barcode. A 2D barcode map can easily store information such as product name, origin, manufacturer and traceability code.

(2) 2D barcode has the characteristics of "small offline database", which has great advantages in the field of agricultural production where the network conditions are underdeveloped and the skills of computer operators are low.

(3) Using 2D barcode technology, a large number of data can be directly read and imported, avoiding the heavy labor and error rate of manual input.

(4) The content invisibility and "one object, one code" characteristics of 2D barcode ensure the security of the information it carries to a certain extent, and it is suitable to be used as the authoritative anti-counterfeiting traceability mark of agricultural products.

(5) 2D barcode can be taken and read by 2d barcode scanner, which seamlessly extends the traceability system to ordinary consumers.