How does the barcode scan module work in smart devices?

Tue Jun 14 14:43:50 CST 2022

How does the barcode scan module work in smart devices?

For how the barcode scan module works, many people are not very clear about the working principle. Before you know it, what can it do? Barcode scan module is widely used in the field of automatic identification of the core recognition components, it is one of the key parts of the barcode scanner secondary development, with complete and independent barcode scan and decoding function, and can be written into various industry applications according to the demand, it has small size, high integration, can be easily embedded into mobile phones, tablet computers, printers, Pipeline equipment, medical devices and other equipment, used to read bar code or 2D, so as to achieve the processing of bar code.

So how does the barcode scan module work? First, connect the barcode scan module to the host and power supply. Sometimes the power supply is provided by the host, otherwise it will need external power supply. Turn off the host first, connect it well, and then turn it on to avoid damaging the machine and interface. Next, the communication mode between the reader and the host is set by scan the barcode in the user manual. After the setting, the data can be scanned and uploaded to the computer.

Compared with the traditional POS application, the internet intelligent POS machine is embedded in the two-dimensional barcode scan module. Besides the traditional POS functions of traditional POS including bank card swiping card and so on, it also integrates the popular Alipay and WeChat payment under the line, so that the business realizes the payment scenario, the payment method is diversified, and the O2O closed loop is integrated online and offline. In our life, in many cases, there will be different types of self-service devices that can read 2D settings to achieve a variety of services.

Today, with the rapid development of the Internet, more and more intelligent devices adopt embedded barcode scan module. As an accessory with payment scan function, it gives full play to the functions of automatic identification, collection and transmission, helps businesses expand payment channels, and provides consumers with more convenience and choice.