Embedded barcode scanning module sharing umbrella for you and me

Tue Jun 14 14:42:21 CST 2022

Embedded barcode scanning module sharing umbrella for you and me

Rain, no umbrella, can only wait for the rain to stop in the subway? To solve the problem of people forgetting to bring their umbrellas on rainy days, the subway has launched a bike sharing app, which allows people to borrow their umbrellas with a brush of the QR code of their mobile phones. Recently, Shanghai Metro introduced the sharing umbrella equipment. It effectively solves the problem of people blocking the subway in rainy days, and also provides convenience for the public. I have to say that this is a convenient measure.

When it was put into use, it attracted the attention of the general public and was widely praised. "It's very convenient. Sometimes it's raining heavily when you leave the subway. Sometimes you have to block the subway exit. With this bike sharing, it's much more convenient!" A citizen preparing to borrow an umbrella said.

It is understood that the shared umbrella device is set near the subway gate, and each device has multiple umbrellas. When people borrow umbrellas, they can follow the instructions on the device screen. When it comes to payment, they just need to open the QR code of mobile phone payment and scan it near the payment window, and then they can borrow umbrellas!

In fact, many subway stations in Guangzhou have already popularized the sharing umbrella equipment. I believe that with the pilot of many subway stations, subway stations in many cities will introduce such sharing umbrella equipment one after another in the future to provide greater convenience for the general public!

It is reported that the reason why the shared umbrella device is so intelligent and supports self-service payment is that the barcode scanning module is embedded in the scanning window of the device and has a unique fully integrated design, which is small, light and powerful. It is very suitable for embedded products in various industries.