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MO1708 fixed scanner is widely used in industrial production and intelligent manufacturing

How to choose the most suitable fixed scanner in industrial production, intelligent manufacturing and other fields? It has always been a problem that many users want to know. As we all know, in recent years, the labor costs of modern manufacturing enterprises are rising in all aspects of production. In order to save production costs, improve efficiency and output, many enterprises turn their attention to the fixed scanners used in the industrial field, especially in the era of "industry 4.0", The combination of automatic code reader and 2D barcode is more and more widely used in manufacturing

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Application of 2d barcode in modern society

In modern society, there are many ways of information transmission, such as NFC, air drop, audio transmission, but these are too limited by the hardware of the device, and the requirements for the environment are also more stringent. Although the 2D code looks more traditional, it has to be said that the 2D code with its low cost, as well as a wide range of hardware adaptability, is still the most powerful information dissemination carrier in the current period.

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Application scenarios of 2D barcode scanner in access control system

Under the influence of "Internet +", mobile phone has gradually become a "access control card" carrier and is very popular with the young people. In many fields, mobile phone code scanning has become a fashion and trend. Taking the intelligent gate as an example, combined with the actual needs, 2D identification technology and mobile Internet and other scientific and technological means are used to add a 2D scanner to give full play to the 2D automatic identification, acquisition and data transmission performance, so as to expand the value-added service of "code scanning gate". The following editor will take you to talk about the most common application scenarios of 2D gate

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Application of fixed barcode scanner in intelligent storage cabinet

When we often go shopping in the supermarket, we can see those smart lockers standing in line at the door of the supermarket to provide customers with the service of storing goods, so that consumers can rest assured of shopping. As the intelligent lockers have been in the market for a long time and have a high degree of customer recognition, they are also suitable for many occasions, such as school library, museum, swimming pool, gymnasium, community office building, government units or some public areas. We have been used to them for a long time. But do you know the fixed barcode scanner that is used for the intelligent lockers?

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Fixed barcode scanner scanning, automatic code reading and tracing product information!

With the increasing trend of automation, intelligent and digital production, barcode technology is often used to manage the production process in various intelligent manufacturing.

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Will the world's QR code be used up 10 billion times a day?

Nowadays, our life is inseparable from "mobile phone scanning code". We need to scan barcode when we go shopping and QR code when we pay. During the epidemic period, we need to scan health code when we go to and from various places. QR code and various barcodes are everywhere in our life. How can the list of black lines and black squares contain so much information? How were they invented? Will the QR code be used up after being updated?

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