Application scenarios of 2D barcode scanner in access control system

Tue Jun 14 14:58:13 CST 2022

  Under the influence of "Internet +", mobile phone has gradually become a "access control card" carrier and is very popular with the young people. In many fields, mobile 
phone code scanning has become a fashion and trend. Taking the intelligent gate as an example, combined with the actual needs, 2D identification technology and mobile 
Internet and other scientific and technological means are used to add a 2D scanner to give full play to the 2D automatic identification, acquisition and data transmission 
performance, so as to expand the value-added service of "code scanning gate". The following editor will take you to talk about the most common application scenarios of 2D gate.

1. Station gate: mobile phone 2D
  By embedding a 2D scanner in the self-service ticket checking machine, passengers can enter the station and take the bus only by brushing the 2D electronic ticket or paper 2D ticket in the barcode scanning window of the self-service ticket checking machine.

2.Library smart gate: swipe wechat campus card to enter library
   Enter the "card package" of wechat to get the wechat campus card. Before entering the gate, find the campus card in the "card package" and call out the dynamic 2D. Brush it 
at the scanning window on the intelligent gate. After verification, it can pass the gate smoothly.

3.    Subway gate: Brush mobile phone 2D to take subway
 The subway "Cloud Gate" does not need to buy tickets from manual windows and self-service ticket vending machines, but directly purchase tickets from mobile phones to obtain 2D e-tickets. Brush the 2D e-tickets to the scanning window of the gate, and the verification is successful.

4.   Smart community 2D access: mobile phone 2D door
    After upgrading, you can show your mobile phone's 2D pass on the 2D access gate, and you can enter the building smoothly after scanning the code successfully
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