Application of fixed barcode scanner in intelligent storage cabinet

Tue Jun 14 14:56:34 CST 2022

When we often go shopping in the supermarket, we can see those smart lockers standing in line at the door of the supermarket to provide customers with the service of storing goods, so that consumers can rest assured of shopping. As the intelligent lockers have been in the market for a long time and have a high degree of customer recognition, they are also suitable for many occasions, such as school library, museum, swimming pool, gymnasium, community office building, government units or some public areas. We have been used to them for a long time. But do you know the fixed barcode scanner that is used for the intelligent lockers?


The application value of the embedded small volume 2D code scanning module is to make the intelligent storage cabinet have powerful scanning performance for all on 1D barcodes, PDF and 2D barcodes, improve the storage experience and user operation of consumers, make the operation management and service process more efficient and intelligent, and reduce many errors caused by manual information collection and data input, Further improve work efficiency. When customers use it, they just need to press the "save" button on the panel, the cabinet will print out a barcode paper, and display the specific location of the opened cabinet. The door of the cabinet will also open automatically. After storing the goods, they can leave and shop at ease! When retrieving items, just aim the barcode paper at the "scanning port" and brush it. The embedded scanner automatically reads the barcode, and the cabinet door opens with a bang. As a 2D code scanning head that can be embedded and integrated into the application of intelligent storage cabinet, the embedded scanner equipment must meet the requirements of exquisite design, high degree of integration, convenient installation, flexible application, and industrial grade dust and water-proof function.


Zhongze technology has specially launched a high-performance embedded CMOS 1D / 2D barcode scanner mo1708 (or l high-performance embedded CCD 1D barcode reader mo1708c). As an embedded 2D code scanning module with high cost performance, it has the ability of fast decoding and high-precision reading, and can easily read the mainstream 1D / 2D barcode in the market. It can be easily embedded in various devices as barcode reading component applications, such as all kinds of access control, gate, ticket machine, self-service vending machine, intelligent storage cabinet, self-service cabinet machine, etc.