Fixed barcode scanner scanning, automatic code reading and tracing product information!

Tue Jun 14 14:54:20 CST 2022

Fixed barcode scanner scanning, automatic code reading and tracing product information!

With the increasing trend of automation, intelligent and digital production, barcode technology is often used to manage the production process in various intelligent manufacturing.

For example, in the SMT (surface mount technology) production process, it is necessary to trace the electronic components, and it is often necessary to do a good job in the collection of product information. Therefore, in the high-speed operation of the factory production line or assembly line, there is a fixed barcode scanner, which makes the production, recording and timing more accurate and efficient. At the same time, it has a very good performance in product tracking and traceability, The following describes the application of fixed barcode scanner scanning in industrial production line.

In fact, in order to facilitate production and traceability, every product is pasted with barcode containing product information and business information. It is to effectively track the batch number and serial number of materials and products, facilitate tracing query and management, product life cycle management, procurement of materials - production control - product delivery - after-sales barcode information tracking management in the whole process. In the case of "low cost and high output", the demand of manufacturers for the perfect solution of automatic code reading is more urgent. Through the fixed barcode scanner scanning, in the automatic assembly production line and each processing process, the barcode is used to label the main parts. After reading the barcode and collecting data through the fixed high-speed scanner, the information is input into the computer database.

It should be pointed out that the implementation of the scheme needs to achieve full-automatic scanning without manual intervention, which must ensure a reading rate of more than 98%, and some require a reading rate of 100%. Therefore, the selection of fixed barcode scanner scanning needs to be considered according to the actual application of the industry environment, such as considering that the reflection can not be read when reading the code, the size of the two-dimensional code is too small to read Whether it is suitable for the installation space on site. This requires that the fixed scanner has high recognition ability, fast response speed, and supports continuous scanning, command control and other working modes.

For example, mo1708 fixed barcode scanner can be installed anywhere; Focusing function is optimized in scanning function, which can scan barcodes on almost all media, especially the extremely small and dense two-dimensional barcodes commonly used in manufacturing industry, so that manufacturers can ensure that the right parts are used at the right time in the production line, and track the products.