Application of 2d barcode in modern society

Tue Jun 14 15:00:13 CST 2022

In modern society, there are many ways of information transmission, such as NFC, air drop, audio transmission, but these are too limited by the hardware of the device, and the requirements for the environment are also more stringent. Although the 2D code looks more traditional, it has to be said that the 2D code with its low cost, as well as a wide range of hardware adaptability, is still the most powerful information dissemination carrier in the current period.


The technology of the 2D code itself is not complex, that is, after the fixed information is encoded into binary, it is displayed in the form of black and white blocks, and the camera scans and collects the 2D code image, analyzes the binary data and restores it. Because 2D code is a common technology, the application of analytic 2D code can restore the original data correctly as long as the standard 2D code analysis library is used. Of course, if you have very special needs, you can use special QR code to generate parsing library.


The most common application scenario of 2D code is to convert a piece of text into a 2D code. When we scan a 2D code, the most common thing is to open a web page, so we can think of the text information in the 2D code“ ”。 URL address is the most convenient channel to get through online and offline. Manual input is indeed anti-human, so it's more suitable to store and read with QR code. Zhongze technology is a professional manufacturer of 2D code scanning equipment, with advanced manufacturing technology. The designed 2D barcode scanner has been widely used in 2D code applications