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Warehouse barcode scanning solution

Barcode solves the problem of warehouse management barcode solution introduces barcode technology into warehouse management to automatically collect the data of each operation link of warehouse, such as arrival inspection, warehousing, delivery, transfer, warehouse transfer and inventory checking, so as to ensure the efficiency and accuracy of data input in each operation link of warehouse management, To ensure that enterprises timely and accurately grasp the real data of inventory, reasonable maintenance and control of enterprise inventory.

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Self service terminal equipped with barcode scanning module, intelligent and convenient parking

With the continuous improvement of living standards, the number of cars is increasing year by year, "parking difficulty" has become the most concerned topic of urban traffic development, and it is also the most worrying thing for every car owner to travel. Fortunately, we learned recently that a parking lot service center in Xi'an has introduced parking self-service payment machine to carry out the pilot of "unattended" parking payment. Car owners can pay by wechat 2D self-service payment, which will make it more convenient for car owners to park.

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2D wireless barcode scanner for logistics warehouse

Logistics warehouse because of the size of the points, so the bar code scanning scanner performance requirements will be different. Small warehouse, you can according to the situation of your warehouse, you can also choose wired, but generally wireless will be more convenient. What kind of scanning scanner is used in logistics warehouse? Small warehouse recommends you to use Zhongze technology wireless barcode scanner, which can scan both one-dimensional bar code and two-dimensional bar code.

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Hospital, special barcode scanning platform for medical industry

In China in 2021, with the gradual improvement of China's medical insurance system and the improvement of people's freedom to choose doctors, hospitals are constantly committed to improving the level of medical facilities while improving medical technology. A good barcode equipment can achieve scientific management, improve work efficiency, reduce the error rate, and create a pleasant medical experience for patients.

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Principle and selection of wireless barcode scanner

The basic principle of laser one-dimensional barcode scanning technology is: firstly, a laser beam is generated by the machine, and then a laser scanning line is formed by the rotating mirror. The laser scanning line is scanned on the barcode, and then transmitted back to the machine, and converted into electrical signal by the photosensitive device inside the machine. The main characteristics of laser barcode scanning module are long reading distance, the ability to penetrate the protective film, and high reading accuracy and speed.

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Bluetooth wireless barcode scanner function

After the wireless barcode scanner scans the data, the data transmission mode generally has the following situations

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