Hospital, special barcode scanning platform for medical industry

Mon Jun 13 17:45:19 CST 2022

Hospital, special barcode scanning platform for medical industry

In China in 2021, with the gradual improvement of China's medical insurance system and the improvement of people's freedom to choose doctors, hospitals are constantly committed to improving the level of medical facilities while improving medical technology. A good barcode equipment can achieve scientific management, improve work efficiency, reduce the error rate, and create a pleasant medical experience for patients.

Before the use of medical barcode scanning platform and other equipment, the traditional medical service uses the manual registration method to record the patient's information. Every time when registering, testing and charging, the patient's information needs to be input into the database to retrieve the information, which is inefficient and prone to errors. If the patients are similar, the name labels on the test tube in the hospital are manually marked, the recognition rate is limited, the accuracy is low, and the hidden trouble of doctor-patient contradiction is buried.

After using the medical barcode scanning gun and other equipment, when the patient comes to the hospital for registration for the first time, the staff will input the patient's personal information into the database, and the system will automatically generate a unique barcode. The staff will print out the barcode and paste it on the patient's medical record card. In the subsequent tests, charges and the next visit, the staff will print out the barcode and paste it on the patient's medical record card, Just scan the barcode on the medical record card to get the patient's information quickly and correctly. The error rate of barcode scanning gun is about one in a million, which also speeds up the treatment time.

What barcode scanning platform is commonly used in the medical industry? The mo2200p barcode scanning platform of Zhongze science and technology is small in shape and adopts the omni photo scanning mode, which can quickly and accurately read all standard one-dimensional and 2D barcodes. It can not only scan automatically on the desktop, but also scan directly by hand. When placed on the desktop, the camera senses the light change and triggers scanning, which can not only effectively improve the work efficiency, but also fully release the hands of the staff and reduce the fatigue of long-term use.