Principle and selection of wireless barcode scanner

Mon Jun 13 17:42:07 CST 2022

Principle and selection of wireless barcode scanner

 Principle of wireless barcode scanner

The wireless barcode scanner consists of several modules,Barcode scanning module,There are several scanning modes in barcode scanning module

1. Laser one dimensional barcode scanning module

The basic principle of laser one-dimensional barcode scanning technology is: firstly, a laser beam is generated by the machine, and then a laser scanning line is formed by the rotating mirror. The laser scanning line is scanned on the barcode, and then transmitted back to the machine, and converted into electrical signal by the photosensitive device inside the machine. The main characteristics of laser barcode scanning module are long reading distance, the ability to penetrate the protective film, and high reading accuracy and speed.

2. CCD one dimensional barcode scanning module

The basic principle of CCD one-dimensional barcode scanning technology is that the CCD element charge coupled device can replace the scanning mechanism of moving beam, and the barcode symbol can be automatically scanned without adding any moving structure. The barcode symbol will image the light path on the CCD light sensing device array (photodiode array), The intensity of the electric signal is different when it is reflected on the photosensitive device. Through the scanning circuit, the corresponding electric signal is amplified, shaped and output, and finally the electric signal corresponding to the barcode symbol information is formed. In order to ensure a certain resolution, the arrangement density of photoelectric elements should ensure that the narrowest element in the barcode symbol should be covered by at least 2-3 photoelectric elements, and the arrangement length should be able to cover the image of the whole barcode symbol. The common array numbers are 1024, 2048, 4096, etc. CCD one-dimensional barcode scanning module is characterized by no mechanical moving parts, reliable performance and long service life.

3. Image one dimensional barcode scanning module

At present, the most excellent imaging one-dimensional barcode scanning technology is the optical imaging method of CMOS devices.

4. Laser guided image two dimensional barcode scanning module

The two-dimensional barcode scanning module of laser guided image adopts image type imaging technology, imaging on semiconductor sensor through optical lens, and outputting image data through analog / digital conversion (CCD Technology) or direct digitization (CMOS Technology). CMOS sends the collected image data to the embedded computer system for processing. The processing contents include image processing, decoding, error correction and decoding. Finally, the processing results are transmitted through the communication interface.