2D wireless barcode scanner for logistics warehouse

Mon Jun 13 17:47:31 CST 2022

2D wireless barcode scanner for logistics warehouse

Logistics warehouse because of the size of the points, so the barcode scanning scanner performance requirements will be different. Small warehouse, you can according to the situation of your warehouse, you can also choose wired, but generally wireless will be more convenient. What kind of scanning scanner is used in logistics warehouse? Small warehouse recommends you to use Zhongze technology  wireless barcode scanner, which can scan both one-dimensional bar code and two-dimensional bar code.

Application analysis of scanning scanner in logistics warehouse:

1. When receiving goods in the logistics warehouse, several people may need to deal with a large number of goods. At this time, accurate data input is very necessary, which can avoid a series of association errors in the logistics chain. Therefore, the scanning scanner of the logistics warehouse is best to ensure that the bar code can be scanned once. Even if there are damaged or hard to read codes, just press the scan key at any angle, Reading is done.

2. When storing in logistics warehouse, especially in large warehouse, the complexity of storage may not be much different from the time difference of picking up. Choose the right logistics warehouse with barcode scanning scanner or counting machine, can make your work fast and efficient. As the barcode on the goods will be scanned before storage, the corridor and shelf where the goods are stored will be indicated in the inventory system. Therefore, when storing goods, just scan the shelf position, you can easily confirm the correct location of the goods, so as to find the goods when needed.

3. When the goods are delivered in the logistics warehouse, the delivery area is often a very busy place, and the workers shake the carts and pallets full of cartons. The fork crane moves pallets quickly into trucks and containers. Therefore, the warehouse bar code scanning scanner is required to have strong scanning performance at all distances, no matter whether the goods are nearby or opposite. Appropriate bar code scanning scanner can optimize the efficiency of workers. Bar code scanning scanners are equipped with a convenient handle, so long holding will not feel uncomfortable.