Bluetooth wireless barcode scanner function

Mon Jun 13 17:39:32 CST 2022

Bluetooth wireless barcode scanner function

After the wireless barcode scanner scans the data, the data transmission mode generally has the following situations

1、        We usually see the wired barcode  scanner can directly connect to the computer to scan the barcode. The data read by barcode scanning can be transmitted to our computer PC through the cable, which is convenient for our data application;

2. The wireless barcode scanner can transmit scanning data through the wireless charging base, and the wireless charging base also needs to be connected to the computer through the cable;

3. Compared with mobile phones, PDA, a barcode data collector, is actually a personal mobile device with an efficient scanning engine. It has its own Android system. After scanning and reading the barcode, the device transmits it to the background system through wireless network;

4. The function of portable Bluetooth scanner is a scanning engine with Bluetooth transmission function. Usually, we can connect our mobile phones, tablets, computers, etc. with Bluetooth, and upload data through Bluetooth;

2、        Let's briefly introduce several application scenarios of this kind of  Bluetooth wireless barcode scanner

1. Pre sale: we can let the Bluetooth wireless scanner connect to our tablet, and display more colorful product information to customers on the tablet by scanning the barcode on the product;

2. Inventory: for products that are inconvenient to move, we can use Bluetooth wireless scanner to scan and inventory the stacked products, and the inventory data can be uploaded to PC in time;

3. Field service: our field personnel can use their mobile phones to scan and read the barcode of products or patrol location information when working outside, so that the data can be sent back to the background of the system through mobile phones.

The following points are recommended for the purchase of Bluetooth wireless scanner:

1. The sensitivity of scanning engine is whether the scanning speed is fast or not;

2. The capacity of the battery is related to your working hours;

3. The ability to resist falling is not easy to damage;

4. Is it small and light to carry