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Application scenarios of barcode scanner

Barcode scanning technology is widely used in the global retail industry in recent years, which not only provides convenience for our life, but also brings us many new experiences.

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pda scanner with mobile phone to improve warehouse barcode management efficiency

In the field of warehouse management application, the combination of pda scanner and mobile phone can provide enterprises with information management mode, widely improve the management efficiency and enhance the agility of business, and integrate the current information technology 1D, 2D barcode recognition function, so as to ensure that it can meet the market demand of high-end industry users

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Zhongze technology's latest ring barcode scanner and inventory pda scanner help the intelligent development of retail industry

The 2020 China consumer survey released an evaluation report. The evaluation points out the attitudes and views of consumers, shop assistants, and retail executives, and deeply understands the retail and technology trends that affect consumers' purchasing behavior, so as to connect with the practice and demand of intelligent manufacturing and inject vitality into the development of industry 4.0 in the new stage.

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Convenient and fast ring barcode scanner

The finger ring barcode scanner can collect data through simple Bluetooth connection. The combination of the finger ring scanner and the system can quickly complete the scanning task of 1D barcodeand 2D barcode, and the operator can free his hands at this time. This has a lot of benefits in many warehousing and logistics work.

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Application of barcode scan engine

Barcode scan engine refers to the scan module that can be embedded into some devices by equipment manufacturers. It has independent barcode scan and decoding functions. It is also called barcode scan engine, barcode scan module, 2D reading engine, 2D scan module, embedded barcode recognizer, 2D reading head, etc.

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2D barcode scan module makes the scene terminal of payment series more "smart"

With the increasing popularity of mobile payment and the rapid development of the Internet of things, a series of terminal products of various payment scenarios have been integrated into the public life from all aspects.

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