2D barcode scan module makes the scene terminal of payment series more "smart"

Tue Jun 14 09:00:46 CST 2022

     With the increasing popularity of mobile payment and the rapid development of the Internet of things, a series of terminal products of various payment scenarios have been integrated into the public life from all aspects. Today, when the payment industry is seeking transformation, the industry also needs to use information technology to explore the transformation and upgrading of the intelligent terminal industry, which needs a professional, reliable, reliable and reliable terminal The durable two-dimensional code scanning module is embedded and integrated into the terminal series products to improve work efficiency and provide users with comfortable and convenient code scanning experience.

        After the introduction of 2D scan module, the upgrading and application of smart payment terminal series products, with the help of highly integrated code scanning module to facilitate the integration of professional scanning and data transmission characteristics, expand the application function of anti scanning payment, without affecting the normal use of the original functions of the equipment, use the advanced embedded barcode scanning technology to expand the faster scanning payment function. Users only need to put the mobile payment code close to the scanning window to quickly read the QR code. The QR code scanning module is equipped with LED light compensation, so there is no need to worry about the lighting problem of the restaurant affecting the QR code scanning performance.