Application scenarios of barcode scanner

Tue Jun 14 09:14:35 CST 2022

Barcode scanning technology is widely used in the global retail industry in recent years, which not only provides convenience for our life, but also brings us many new experiences.

"Internet plus new retail" roared, the traditional retail industry has been transformed to the gateway. Previously, the common self-service cash register in foreign supermarkets gradually appeared in domestic supermarkets, and many chain supermarkets such as Tianhong, Yonghui and Wumart have introduced self-service system one after another. Self service cash register is becoming an important trend in the field of retail supermarket in China. 

Barcode scanner 

Compared with the traditional cash register, the self-service cash register has built-in two-dimensional code scanner, integrates barcode scanning and data transmission performance, and has good performance for one-dimensional / two-dimensional barcode of goods and one-dimensional / two-dimensional payment code of payment app; Combined with commercial super commodity management and cash register system, it seamlessly connects POS card payment, Alipay and WeChat payment interface, providing consumers with multiple choices. Consumers only need to scan and enter the barcode according to the system, and then choose the payment method for settlement. barcode scanner.

With the advent of the era of mobile payment, nowadays, consumers can order by scanning the code. The restaurant can create smart food through networking upgrade, and intelligent meal can be realized by scanning the two-dimensional code on the diner or the WeChat official account. Moreover, after eating, the checkout machine can help self check out, and directly open the mobile phone WeChat or Alipay payment code to brush the spot code window area of the ordering machine, and then print the consumption ticket. It is understood that the code scanning ordering machine has a barcode scanner embedded under the code scanning window, which integrates the functions of data transmission, data acquisition and code scanning payment. Combined with the smart ordering system, it realizes the payment of mobile phone order by brushing code, and the whole ordering process is efficient and fast.

The introduction of barcode technology in warehouse management can automatically collect the data of arrival inspection, storage, delivery, transfer, transfer and inventory check, ensure the efficiency and accuracy of data input in each operation link of warehouse management, ensure that the enterprise can timely and accurately grasp the real data of inventory, and reasonably maintain and control the enterprise inventory. Through scientific coding, it is also convenient to manage the batch and shelf life of goods. Barcode scanner

 According to the calculation results of historical data, the highly relevant goods will be put together in time to improve the efficiency of order fulfillment in the warehouse. When in the promotion season, in order to cooperate with the website commodity promotion, the inventory position will also change synchronously, so as to save the picking time and improve the efficiency of commodity delivery. The storage system management includes three modules, which are the storage management module, the inventory location management module and the delivery management module. The system is responsible for the storage management scanning, updating the EPC label information and determining the storage area and shelf location of goods. The application of IOT warehouse management technology enables JD to place goods more efficiently, update inventory information more timely, realize the visual management of goods in the warehouse, improve the agility and accuracy of warehousing, promote the improvement of service level of JD mall, provide guarantee for the correctness of delivery / return and the timeliness of replenishment, and improve customer satisfaction. From the perspective of cost management, these technologies maximize the utility of storage space, reduce the inventory of goods, reduce the storage cost, realize the automatic management of storage, warehousing, inventory and other links, save labor and inventory space, and greatly reduce the loss caused by the wrong location of goods in the supply chain. Zhongze technology will continue to provide customers with the most advanced barcode scanning equipment