Application of barcode scan engine

Tue Jun 14 09:02:40 CST 2022

Barcode scan engine refers to the scan module that can be embedded into some devices by equipment manufacturers. It has independent barcode scan and decoding functions. It is also called barcode scan engine, barcode scan module, 2D reading engine, 2D scan module, embedded barcode recognizer, 2D reading head, etc.

It can be said that the barcode reading engine is born for barcode 2D scan in various scenes, and it has great application development potential. At present, it is widely used in many fields, such as industrial production, medical health, cashless payment, mobile Internet and Internet of things. For example, the self-service device embedded with 2D reading head can enhance the convenient interactive experience, In fact, the barcode reading engine is embedded in it. Users can use it to complete barcode 2D scan, mobile phone 2D scan, card voucher verification and other functions, which is easy and convenient.

With the development of 2D recognition technology, there are many kinds of barcode recognition engine. There are many kinds of embedded, embedded and fixed, and the industrial grade is high or low, so as to adapt to different use occasions. Dongguan Zhongze technology has also developed and produced various forms of barcode reading engine, barcode 2D scan module, etc. at the same time, it provides customized 1D / 2D application solutions to meet the diversified scene needs of various industries.