Convenient and fast ring barcode scanner

Tue Jun 14 09:07:03 CST 2022

The finger ring barcode scanner can collect data through simple Bluetooth connection. The combination of the finger ring scanner and the system can quickly complete the scanning task of 1D barcodeand 2D barcode, and the operator can free his hands at this time. This has a lot of benefits in many warehousing and logistics work.

Zhongze technology has designed a kind of finger ring scanner which is completely in line with ergonomics and has aesthetic feeling. This product makes enterprise production and internal logistics work faster and more convenient. The appearance of the product adopts diamond appearance design, and the volume is very small, which is very suitable for belt matching. The whole weight is only 32g, which can be used for belt matching for a long time.

This ring barcodescanning has many advantages, not only fast, but also convenient. In addition, the user can get the feedback information of each scanning process directly through the LED integrated in the scanner. After the scanning, the scanner will vibrate to inform the operator that the barcode scanning task has been completed. The scanner can work for more than 10 hours with only one charge, and can store tens of thousands of barcodedata


         This kind of finger ring scanner has been widely used. Compared with traditional scanners, glove scanners can save 4 seconds per scan. Since 2016, Zhongze company has further optimized and improved the glove scanning system in the market, such as increasing the longer scanning distance, and the longest distance for glove scanner to scan barcode can reach 1m. Of course, the larger the size of the bar code, the farther the scanning distance. In the professional test, Zhongze's finger ring scanner works very fast, successfully completes the barcode scanning task, and can identify different barcodes without any problem. At the same time, the interchangeability of the scanner makes the use of this system more flexible. Using the innovative ring scanner of Zhongze company, we can simply complete the scanning task of different kinds of bar codes. The biggest advantage of this wearable scanning system is that it liberates the hands of the operator, so that they can hold the goods freely, the operator does not have to reach for the scanner, and will further optimize and improve the design of this wearable scanning system on the basis of the basic model. It can be seen that the ring scanner has a wide application prospect in many applications