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Perfect matching between medical handheld terminal and 2D barcode scanning module

How about the application effect of barcode scanning module in medical handheld terminal? Let's take a look. As a barcode scanning module manufacturer with rich medical information supervision solutions, Zhongze technology barcode has achieved perfection in the combination of barcode scanning module and medical handheld terminal. From the application of the handheld terminal embedded in the scanning module in the hospital, the application effect of the scanning module in barcode check, doctor's order execution, bedside sign collection and so on is remarkable

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The bus payment system is embedded with barcode scanning module, which makes it more convenient to scan the barcode!

In the era of big data, bar code technology promotes the reform of traditional industries, and history promotes the continuous development of traditional bus card system in the direction of intelligence. Intelligent public transportation system also came into being.

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How to use bar code scanner and simple troubleshooting

Barcode scanner for new users, in fact, is very simple, as long as the normal operation of the basic will not appear problems. However, for individual users, there must be a lot of knowledge problems: whether to install, installation steps, whether to debug and so on.

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The working principle of several barcode scanners

In the manufacturing production line, automatic control or tracking of WIP, or automatic sorting of goods on the conveyor belt, accurate and reliable and unattended barcode identification means are needed.

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How to setting scanner, wireless barcode scanner can not scan the barcode how to do?

Many users in the use of wireless barcode scanner will encounter things that can't be recognized by the scanning gun. For the wireless barcode scanner, the bar code can't be scanned generally. In addition to the bar code that can't be recognized due to the failure of the scanning gun itself, in fact, it may also be caused by problems such as its own scanning environment or scanning angle. The editor summarizes several reasons for wireless scanning. The scanning gun can't scan the code

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Connection and use of barcode scanning gun

With the application of mobile payment, the barcode scanning gun of supermarket cashier has become a "profit" device for cashiers. Many new users see that the barcode scanning gun has many kinds of interfaces on the Internet, and the cashier systems of supermarkets are different. I don't know how to start? How to connect the interface of barcode scanning gun?

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