Perfect matching between medical handheld terminal and 2D barcode scanning module

Tue Jun 14 14:40:35 CST 2022

Perfect matching between medical handheld terminal and 2D barcode scanning module


How about the application effect of barcode scanning module in medical handheld terminal? Let's take a look.

       As a barcode scanning module manufacturer with rich medical information supervision solutions, Zhongze technology barcode has achieved perfection in the combination of barcode scanning module and medical handheld terminal. From the application of the handheld terminal embedded in the scanning module in the hospital, the application effect of the scanning module in barcode check, doctor's order execution, bedside sign collection and so on is remarkable

1. Realize the accurate check of medical information and the rapid implementation of medical orders;

2. Instant information collection and access can greatly improve medical safety;

3. Reduce the cost of human resources and consumables, reduce the time of document entry

4. Effectively improve the management level of the hospital and realize the medical information management.

The medical handheld terminal uses the barcode automatic identification, collection and real-time transmission function of the scanning module to realize accurate check of medical information and fast execution of medical orders. Nurses use this kind of terminal to scan patient's barcode wristband and stick barcode outside the drug, which can realize the dynamic collection of patient information and effectively avoid medical risks. To ensure that doctors timely grasp the patient's condition and treatment implementation, so as to prevent the occurrence of medical negligence and accidents. The timeliness of information collection ensures the implementation of bedside check-up system, the tentacles of information system extend to bedside, and the safety coefficient of clinical nursing work is greatly increased.

Scanning module improves the performance of medical handheld terminal and promotes the development and innovation of terminal application. Its integrated design aims to match all kinds of terminal applications to the maximum extent and help all kinds of information management.