The bus payment system is embedded with barcode scanning module, which makes it more convenient to scan the barcode!

Tue Jun 14 14:38:50 CST 2022

The bus payment system is embedded with barcode scanning module, which makes it more convenient to scan the barcode!

In the era of big data, bar code technology promotes the reform of traditional industries, and history promotes the continuous development of traditional bus card system in the direction of intelligence. Intelligent public transportation system also came into being.

Mobile payment has a large number of potential users. The portable characteristics of mobile phone provide the basis and guarantee for mobile phone to carry out various payment operations; At the same time, with the development of mobile Internet communication network, mobile payment can be carried around anytime and anywhere, and can be operated across the time and space constraints. With the combination of smart card and mobile phone, it can carry out safe transaction and is fast and convenient, which will also be the development direction of public transportation system.

At present, the main way to take the bus is to swipe the traffic card. However, recently, the public transport departments of some cities in China have introduced the bus smart scheme of scanning QR code to pay. Not only did it respond to the development of automatic identification technology of the Internet of things at that time, but also kept pace with the times, meeting the needs of the contemporary people, and directly using WeChat and Alipay scan code byte to get on the bus.

For the public transport department, the introduction of mobile phone code scanning function has brought many benefits, such as reducing labor costs and reducing the pressure of counting, incomplete currency and zero banknote deposit brought by swiping card and coin. For the general public, public transport is the most common way of travel, especially in rush hours, swiping card with mobile phone can save a lot of trouble, This is also in line with today's people's payment habits - scan code payment.

So Xiaobian is going to popularize how to use mobile phones to scan code and ride. First of all, buy the bus ticket on the mobile phone, and the corresponding ticket QR code will be displayed on the mobile phone after the payment is successful; When getting on the bus, put the QR code on the mobile phone close to the card area on the code scanning payment machine on the bus; Finally, you will hear a "tick" at the moment of alignment, that is, the payment is successful, and the mobile phone will show that the payment is successful. For the application of intelligent bus code scanning, a new 2d barcode scanning head scanning module for bus code scanning payment is developed. The 2d scanning module can easily read various printing media such as paper, LCD, plastic card, as well as realistic bar codes on the screen. It has strong performance and integrated design. It only needs a very small space. Moreover, the weight of the 2d scanning module is very light, Very conducive to embedded in self-service terminal equipment, bus code scanning system, express logistics storage cabinet, etc.

In addition to the barcode scanning module, the barcode scan module and the bus payment terminal can be applied to the scan application of bus, which can integrate Alipay / WeChat scan code payment and NFC payment. It is a perfect interpretation of the "Internet plus" new fast payment service experience by means of information technology, and helps to achieve a new breakthrough in "intelligent bus". It is easy to use bar code automatic identification technology to implant mobile payment business into all-in-one card, turn the portable smart phone into a smooth bus card, and realize the function of mobile payment app to swipe the bus card and passengers' self-service "swipe the code to pay", so as to help customers in the public transport industry integrate high-quality functional services and improve passengers' travel experience.