Connection and use of barcode scanning gun

Tue Jun 14 14:31:09 CST 2022

Connection and use of barcode scanning gun

With the application of mobile payment, the barcode scanning gun of supermarket cashier has become a "profit" device for cashiers. Many new users see that the barcode scanning gun has many kinds of interfaces on the Internet, and the cashier systems of supermarkets are different. I don't know how to start? How to connect the interface of barcode scanning gun? Today, Zhongze Tech takes you to understand the connection and use of barcode scanning gun

The use of barcode scanning gun is very simple, barcode scanning gun is generally divided into three kinds of interface, namely USB interface, serial port and keyboard port. There are so many interfaces that many new friends will struggle with. In fact, we don't have to. We just need to see what kind of interface our device supports and what kind of interface we can choose. At present, most users use USB interface, so let's take a look at how to use the barcode scanning gun of USB interface.

1. First, connect the data cable to the data cable socket of the barcode scanning gun and the USB port of the computer (the connection mode of the scanning gun with other interfaces is slightly different, please refer to the user's Manual for details).

2. Press and hold the trigger key, the lamp will be activated, and the red lighting area and red focus line will appear.

3. Aim the red focus line at the center of the barcode, move the scanning gun and adjust the distance between it and the barcode to find the best reading distance.

4. When you hear the successful prompt sound, and the red lighting line goes out, the code reading is successful, and the scanning gun transmits the decoded data to the host computer.

From the above, barcode scanning gun function is to replace the manual input, more convenient and fast. In short, it is equivalent to a keyboard, which is an input tool. It just scans the numbers in the barcode and displays them on the computer and other terminals. The scanned information can only be displayed with the help of the software of the cashier system, and this software needs to be selected according to your products. Different products are equipped with different software, such as clothing, medicine, supermarkets and other industries. Different software industries will also be differentiated.

After the software is installed, enter the background management interface of the software. In the commodity information option, save all your commodities here first: in the commodity barcode, scan the barcode of your product with a scanning gun, then save the commodity name, price, etc., and then you can sell it. Next, we enter the front sales interface of the software, take the barcode scanning gun to scan the barcode of the commodity, and the commodity name, price and other information will be automatically displayed on it, and then the money can be collected.

In today's mobile payment, barcode scanning gun has both the functions of scanning commodity barcode and scanning collection. In the future, with the development of 5g, the Internet of things will enter a new scanning world.