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The role of back clip scanner in logistics warehousing and distribution

The role of back clip scanner in logistics warehousing and distribution With the development of Internet of things information technology, based on the bar code scanning needed in logistics warehousing, bar code scanning gun has undoubtedly become one of the readable scanners. In order to speed up the distribution speed and management efficiency of logistics center, automatic identification technology has become an important development direction of automatic data acquisition and real-time transmission in warehousing logistics.

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Bar code scanning head is embedded in the sales terminal to seek an efficient QR code payment solution

The application value of bar code scanning head embedded in sales terminal is reflected in three aspects: when payment, verification and query need to scan one-dimensional or two-dimensional code.

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Overview of barcode scanner 2021

When contacting the bar code scanning gun, we often encounter many difficult technical terms: such as optical resolution (optical resolution), maximum resolution (maximum resolution), color resolution (color depth), scanning mode, interface mode (connection interface), etc.

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How to set the barcode scanner to achieve the best effect?

Why is the scanning effect of the scanner just bought not good, the quality of the scanner is not good, or where the scanner fails. Today, let's discuss the setting of bar code scanner and how to achieve the best scanning effect and improve work efficiency

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