Bar code scanning head is embedded in the sales terminal to seek an efficient QR code payment solution

Mon Jun 13 16:59:57 CST 2022

Bar code scanning head is embedded in the sales terminal to seek an efficient QR code payment solution

The application value of bar code scanning head embedded in sales terminal is reflected in three aspects: when payment, verification and query need to scan one-dimensional or two-dimensional code.

In the early stage, the sales terminals basically used paper money identification and change finding to consume and shop. The process is cumbersome, and it is easy to cause the machine to get stuck in the identification process.

With the rise of the payment of electronic payment by Alipay and WeChat, the two-dimensional code payment has been rapidly popularized in a short time. More and more self-service terminal payment scenes have integrated into the advanced and mature two-dimensional code scanning technology, which directly replaced the traditional way of buying, and solved the annoyance caused by the change of money.

At present, most sales terminals are embedded with a QR code recognition engine recognition module, that is, bar code scanning head, which provides an effective means of fast and accurate data input. In the payment scenario, you can shop quickly by brushing the mobile payment code.

In fact, when seeking an efficient QR code payment solution, enterprises will consider saving the overall cost, reducing the difficulty of development, and improving the overall operation, including user experience and security.

The best way is to provide only one two-dimensional barcode scanning head, which can be easily fixed to the sales terminal and connected with the equipment system. However, the integrator does not consider many things. It only needs to make technical connection with the barcode scanning head engine manufacturer and purchase and install code scanning equipment.

It is a great honor to provide the sweep codes for these terminals. It is the embedded bar code scanner series launched by zengze science and technology. It adopts the intelligent core decoding technology, has excellent decoding and sensing ability, quickly identifies the two-dimensional code of the screen, and easily reads Alipay, WeChat payment two-dimensional code.

At the same time, it is equipped with USB (hid-kbw, virtual serial port), RS232 serial port, ttl232 and other interfaces to facilitate equipment docking and data transmission. It is compact and easy to install and use. It can be flexibly installed on various self-service machines. In short, different brands and models of barcode scanning head engines have different characteristics and application scenarios.

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