The role of back clip scanner in logistics warehousing and distribution

Mon Jun 13 17:02:50 CST 2022

The role of back clip scanner in logistics warehousing and distribution

With the development of Internet of things information technology, based on the bar code scanning needed in logistics warehousing, bar code scanning gun has undoubtedly become one of the readable scanners. In order to speed up the distribution speed and management efficiency of logistics center, automatic identification technology has become an important development direction of automatic data acquisition and real-time transmission in warehousing logistics.

In the process of logistics distribution, back clip barcode scannner provides the most accurate and cost-effective identification, tracking and sorting functions, which greatly improves the quality and efficiency of the postal industry in shipping, receiving and material handling operations. With the help of the automatic data capture of the express scanning gun, the courier can deliver packages more quickly and accurately, and win back customers and loyal customers. It can be seen that the importance of a high-performance express gun is self-evident in every operation point of logistics distribution. Now, let's take a look at the application of Express single code scanning gun in all aspects of logistics distribution.

Warehousing operation: transfer out the computer documents, use the back clip barcode scanner to confirm the quantity, variety and timely confirmation of goods, and check the barcode. By using the back clip scanner to modify and confirm the background database files directly, it not only saves the repetitive process of the background computer personnel to enter and review the documents, reduces the responsibility link, but also does not bring the original error of inventory due to the input error, and improves the responsibility and power of the warehouse administrator.

Shelf management: according to the equipment instructions, complete the positioning of goods. Improve the utilization efficiency of warehouse location and the overall efficiency of warehouse management. After the warehouse management personnel put forward the placing instruction, the system automatically prompts the space and shelf characteristics of the goods to be placed, and even can directly send the goods to the delivery area according to the instruction requirements, which improves the efficiency.

Outbound operation: it is the reverse process of inbound operation, but it can directly record related logistics information, such as arrival time, efficiency, operator and equipment characteristics of transportation company.

Inventory management: it has the function of direct independent inventory of single commodity, accurate review, timely inspection, and one-time completion of inventory. It can avoid errors and time delay caused by document entry, and confusion caused by different personnel, different time, different ways and different states of review. At the same time, it can also reduce the cost loss caused by printing a large number of documents.

Goods distribution: print the goods list and ask the receptionist for confirmation. Fleet personnel should carry label printers that can receive wireless instructions

Requirement registration: confirm and register the new requirements of users. The operation data is sent to the computer management system through wireless or communication cable.

Through the back clip bar code scanner, the efficiency of logistics warehouse management is improved, and the distribution efficiency is improved, and the false picking rate is reduced.