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Convenient and fast ring barcode scanner.

The compact barcode scanner can be connected to the operator's finger through a simple click system. The combination of scanner and finger can quickly complete the scanning task of barcode and QR code, and the operator can free up his hands at this time. This has a lot of benefits in many warehousing and logistics work.

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The latest trend of Warehouse System WMS

When foreign warehousing systems entered the Chinese market that year, the concepts of standardization, intelligence and configurability played some educational roles in the whole logistics software market. For example, the deployable logic of system guidance on shelves and picking was advanced and fashionable in that year. Which operations in the warehouse logistics center can be guided by the system, which work can be combined with manual processing The key points that KPI should monitor are gradually popularized to the whole market by the introduction of foreign software, which also slowly reveals the mystery of a professional warehouse management system.

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How to use the fixed assets management software with the barcode scanner?

How to use the fixed assets management software with the barcode scanner? How can fixed asset management software be used with scanning gun? As we all know, the purpose of using fixed assets management software is to solve the problems encountered by enterprises in the process of managing fixed assets management.

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how much do you know about bar code scanner?

Bar code scanner, also known as bar code reader, bar code scanning gun, bar code scanner, bar code scanning gun and bar code reader. It is a reading device used to read the information contained in the bar code. Using the optical principle, the content of the bar code is decoded and transmitted to the computer or other equipment by data line or wireless.

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Fixed bar code gun scanning, automatic code reading and tracing product information

With the increasing popularity of automation, intelligence and digital production, bar code technology is often needed to manage the production process in various intelligent manufacturing.

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Bar code scanning module is introduced to optimize the interactive experience of fixed POS scanner

With the development of digital economy and the promotion of consumption growth in the new retail era, the introduction of bar code scanning module enables fixed POS scanner manufacturers to break through their own limitations and realize the rising demand for digital upgrading

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