what's the diffrent with the fixed barcode scanner and desktop barcode scanner?

Tue Jun 14 15:26:30 CST 2022

barcode scanner have many types. Before the barcode scanner have common handheld barcode scanner.(it divided into wire and wireless), fixed scanner( other name platform). We see the scanner for cash on supermarket , it is fixed barcode scanner usually. The cashier can get the bar code of the commodity to the scanner, and then read and input the commodity information. And couriers often need to move, fixed scanning device is not convenient for them, handheld portable code scanning gun is more suitable. Then, as new buyers, how can we distinguish them? Below through the following points to understand the fixed bar code scanner and handheld scanning gun what is the difference!

1. The appearance of the equipment is different

The fixed bar code scanner is different from the handheld bar code scanner in appearance design: the fixed bar code scanner has a larger volume and a larger scanning window, which is mainly platform type; the handheld bar code scanner is smaller, which is suitable for hand scanning.

2. Different scanning methods

Most of the platform bar code scanners support multi line scanning and single line scanning, while the scanning window of the fixed bar code scanner is larger than that of the ordinary scanning gun. We only need to put the bar code of the commodity close to the scanning window, and then we can read the bar code successfully, which makes the operation easier

The ordinary scanning gun, whether it is a wired hand-held scanning gun or a wireless scanning gun, needs to hold the bar code scanning gun to scan the bar code. Each time you scan the bar code, you need to manually press the trigger key of the scanning gun. Long time operation will also make users feel tired. But now you don't have to worry about this. Due to the continuous upgrading of barcode scanning gun technology and the continuous transformation of the appearance "Ergonomics" design, many barcode scanning guns can also support the self sensing or long bright scanning mode. At this time, with a scanning gun bracket, it's no different from the platform scanning gun.

3. The price of equipment is different

The fixed bar code scanner has high performance, strong, dust-proof, waterproof and other characteristics, and the price is high. Although the scanning gun of supermarket also has certain IP rating, for the sake of cost, the firmness of the equipment is lower than that of the fixed bar code scanner.