Working mode of wireless barcode scanner

Mon Jun 13 17:57:13 CST 2022

Working mode of wireless barcode scanner

Barcode scanner is a tool that must be used in many work, such as some express industry, sales industry, large department stores, supermarkets, shopping malls, all need to use barcode scanner to check the information of goods. The use of wireless barcode  scanner is not much different from wired barcode scanner, but we need to set the wireless barcode scanner before scanning. Let's introduce how to operate it!

The first is scanning: when the wireless scanner is in scanning mode, the receiver will continuously change the frequency in a fixed order to search for the person transmitting the frequency. When the scanner stops at a given frequency, the indicator light or panel display will show the channel or frequency in use. On some models, we can preset the frequency or set the frequency manually on all models.

The second is manual scanning: in the manual scanning mode of the wireless scanner, the user can set the frequency in the preset frequency band by touching the button or turning the dial.

The third is search: in the search mode of the wireless scanner, the receiver is set to search between two groups of frequencies in a given frequency band. This method is useful when the customer does not know the basic frequency, but wants to know which frequency bands are being used in a certain area. If the user knows the frequency at which the scanner stops during the search, the frequency can be stored in the wireless scanner and used in the scan mode.

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