What's the difference between a scanning gun in a factory and a scanning gun in a supermarke

Tue Feb 21 11:00:40 CST 2023

  • First, the scanning gun IP level is different. Let's start with what IP is.


  IP level is one of the important safety performance of electrical products, often called shell protection level. This group of figures refers to the lamp housing can ensure the safety of the lamp in the corresponding natural environment, while not causing unsafe outside.


  The former refers to the scanning gun can prevent the invasion of external solid or liquid, will not produce short circuit and fire, resulting in accidents; The latter means that the scanning gun can prevent electrocution and ensure the safety of the user or people or animals that they come into contact with unintentionally.


  There are many factors affecting electrical safety in natural environment, such as shock vibration, corrosion, explosion, temperature difference, etc., but the most common is solid objects: people, animals, tools and dust, etc.; Liquid: Attack by rain, spray, and immersion.


  Think about the industrial environment and the supermarket environment, the industrial environment is relatively bad compared to the business environment, in the process of using the scanning gun, it is likely to encounter the invasion of liquid, more serious impact vibration, a large number of dust and other factors. Therefore, industrial scanning guns usually have an industrial rating to determine the stability and reliability of the scanning guns. No one wants to buy a scanning gun and break down all day, delaying normal production.


On the contrary, the requirement of IP level of scanning gun is greatly reduced.




  • Second, the scanning gun scanning performance is different

  The environment of industrial application is very complex. Sometimes it is necessary to scan the bar code under strong light, sometimes it is necessary to operate outdoors, sometimes it is necessary to scan the bar code remotely, and sometimes it is necessary to scan the bar code of density comparison. All these factors cause that the ordinary scanning gun cannot meet the special requirements of collecting the bar code in the industrial environment. Business bar code is the most common is nothing more than the EAN-13 code, many products bar code is printed, bar code quality is very good, easy to scan, there are many kinds of scanning gun classification, but no matter which classification of the scanning gun, generally can be scanned.




  • Third, the price of scanning gun is different


  Industrial scanning guns are usually fall-resistant, dust-resistant, and water-resistant, which makes them expensive. Although the scanning gun of Shang Chao also has a certain IP rating, but in order to consider the cost, the general industrial rating is also low. You can not use the scanning gun in the supermarket to malicious throw, or to soak in water, so the supermarket scanning gun is generally several hundred to more than one thousand, relative to the industrial much lower.


  The scanning gun used by the factory and the scanning gun used by the supermarket are different, but the ultimate purpose is to better scan and collect the bar code. It's just that different scanning guns are used for different environmental requirements. Then it leads to another interesting question, is it possible to scan the bar code with the scanning gun of industry when the scanning gun of supermarket can not scan the bar code? The answer is no. Unable to scan the bar code there are many factors affecting the problem, here will not be introduced.