What is the role of two-dimensional code reading device embedded in self-service recharge machine

Tue Jun 14 15:53:54 CST 2022

 At present, in many application scenarios related to self-service recharge service, it is not difficult to find the existence of embedded one-dimensional / two-dimensional bar code scanner and other two-dimensional code recognition equipment hardware products. Its application is very extensive and important. Through the special two-dimensional code recognition module and bar code recognition hardware scheme, we can build a safe, convenient and intelligent self-service scan recharge service to realize the self-service recharge Humanized and digital management of recharge service


The brand can completely upgrade the self-service equipment that needs self-service service based on market demand. The embedded two-dimensional code recognition module can intelligently recognize the mobile phone payment code to determine whether the user has paid the money successfully. Through the data communication interface such as USB, TTL-232 or RS-232 serial port, the Alipay and WeChat payment interface is integrated, and the two-dimensional code scanning, data transmission and application are integrated. To achieve the function of Alipay / WeChat payment.