What is the application of QR code?

Mon Jun 13 17:25:22 CST 2022

What is the application of QR code?

What is QR code application? It's not about the application of QR code. This question will return to the essence of mobile Internet applications. What is the essence of mobile Internet? From the Internet era to the mobile Internet, from 3G to 4G and then to 5g, technological innovation not only brings about the transformation of productivity and production relations, but also essentially changes the marketing mode of enterprises. From B2B to B2C, the transformation of mode will inevitably bring about the change of mode dependent ways and methods, and the application of QR code is the most important way and method to rely on the mobile Internet, This way and method is the cornerstone of mobile Internet. I define QR code application as tool and soil.

First of all, let's talk about what is a tool. QR code application is a technology application based on mobile Internet and Internet of things technology. The application program is built with QR code as the entrance, and the online and offline interaction is realized through the application program; QR code itself has no mode and interaction, so it is a passive trigger. Therefore, QR code application is a tool. As a tool application scenario, such as in production management, channel circulation, terminal marketing and other scenarios, through its unique identification technology, it gives each independent product different identification certificate. QR code application exists as an interactive tool, It can more directly and accurately touch the scene that the enterprise wants to reach, and help the enterprise to complete one-to-one and one to many interaction scenarios. This is the role of QR code application as a tool.

Former vice president of Alibaba proposed: data is the soil, and the main function of QR code application is to collect data. QR code application technology collects data generated by code scanning behavior in application scenarios; Whether it is internal management, channel circulation or terminal marketing, they collect data, sort out data and analyze data through QR code, feed back the behavior data generated in actual production, circulation and marketing through data, and conduct data analysis through analysis tools, so as to guide the later production management and marketing of enterprises; Data is the soil, and two-dimensional code application is the most important data acquisition tool in the era of mobile Internet and Internet of things, which is necessary for every enterprise.

In the final analysis, two-dimensional code application is the most important application tool in the era of mobile Internet and Internet of things. To understand the most important role of this tool is what every application enterprise must understand. Two dimensional code application is not tall or unfathomable, it is rooted in the existing technical framework, Each enterprise has different understanding of it, and the result is different. For more details, please visit the official website of Zhongze Technology (scnlb. Com)!