What is PDA and where to use it?

Tue Jun 14 15:10:41 CST 2022

PDA is divided into industrial PDA and consumer PDA. Industrial PDA includes barcode scanning PDA, RFID reader, etc. consumer PDA mainly refers to smart phones, PDAs, tablet computers, etc.
PDA can be used in the collection and dispatch of Waybill data, transfer yard, warehouse data collection, by scanning the express bar code, the waybill information can be directly transmitted to the background server through wireless transmission, and the query of relevant business information can be realized.
order-placing meeting
PDA is used in shoes and clothing industry wireless ordering meeting, ordering by PDA scanning bar code.
Meter reading
PDA uses GPS positioning to ensure that the inspection is in place, and the meter reading personnel can check the model and record, which can easily and efficiently complete the work. At the same time, the electric power department can accurately count the power consumption.
police work
In the process of investigating and dealing with illegal parking, police can use PDA to query vehicle information anytime and anywhere, upload all kinds of illegal information, and fix evidence on site to investigate and deal with illegal parking.
PDA is used in chain stores, stores and special counters, which can realize the data collection and transmission of the purchase, sale, storage, inventory, transfer, return, order and member management of stores.