Want digital transformation? Just one barcode scanner!

Tue Jun 14 14:06:05 CST 2022

Want digital transformation? Just one barcode scanner!

Retail is a very traditional industry. From the counter sales before the reform and opening up to the unmanned retail distributed by giants today, the retail industry has experienced the prehistoric commercial informatization period in which inventory management depends on the account, settlement accounting depends on the abacus, and customer payment depends on the counter. Now, taking the commercial informatization process as one of the important indicators of enterprise core competitiveness, retail enterprises pay more and more attention to the importance of information technology.

Since the reform and opening up, supermarkets across the country have quickly occupied major cities. Open shelf sales have promoted the generation of a large number of orders and the earliest POS applications. The emergence of POS system makes it possible for supermarkets to settle tens of thousands of shopping behavior every day, which greatly improves the efficiency of commodity sales. With the development of information technology, the domestic retail environment is becoming increasingly fierce. Retail enterprises must timely adjust the information process of enterprises. The retail format of thousands of people and thousands of faces is increasingly recognized by retail enterprises. The personalized development of enterprises, the innovation of retail methods and the digital transformation of the whole supply chain have become the focus of large-scale supermarkets.

From manpower inventory sales to rapid settlement in POS system, to the new retail model of precision marketing using Internet of things and big data technology, and the blowout development of new retail formats, the information needs of enterprises have become more urgent. Retail informatization has also entered an era of data value mining consumer psychology and behavior analysis, customer experience improvement, omni-channel management of goods, etc.

Behind the prosperous retail innovation is the continuous iterative renewal of retail information technology. In the past two years, Alipay and WeChat have allowed people to enter the era of cashless transactions, which directly changed people's payment habits. The change of payment means made the enterprises that had just tasted the sweetness of data transformation become confused, and could only pursue the pace of leading enterprises ceaselessly, and constantly and more iteratively. The retail dispute between Tencent and Ali has put large chain retail enterprises in an embarrassing situation.

However, behind the fierce competition, we have seen countless retail formats landing: unmanned containers, unmanned convenience stores, unmanned supermarkets, boxma fresh food full of science and technology, Jingdong unmanned restaurant, and Jingdong convenience stores and tmall stores landing every minute. The cake of the retail market is getting bigger and more attractive. Only by constantly trying to innovate and capturing the latest retail information technology can retail enterprises occupy a place in the big retail market. Clothing stores and chain stores that keep closing their stores tell us that in this era, the power of information and technology and the strategic development direction of enterprises are related to the survival of enterprises.

Even the most cutting-edge and high-end retail scene is inseparable from the most basic information management. High quality and effective information collection tools play an important role in improving the supply chain efficiency of retail enterprises, further differentiated management and fine management.