WMS system support technology

Tue Jul 19 10:32:02 CST 2022

  • WMS system support technology

WMS system integrates information technology, radio frequency technology, bar code technology, electronic label technology, web technology and computer application technology, and organically forms a complete warehouse management system with warehouse management, wireless scanning, electronic display and web application, so as to improve operation efficiency, make full use of information resources and speed up the process of networking. The key technologies include radio frequency (RF), electronic tag and data interface technology.

If WMS lacks the strong support of RF system, the storage level may not be greatly improved. A perfect WMS is inseparable from the support of RF system. Because the efficient operation of WMS is based on the rapid, accurate and dynamic acquisition of cargo processing data. RF communication system makes WMS real-time data processing possible, which greatly simplifies the traditional workflow. For example, there are more than 50 kinds of original mobile codes, which are simplified into one or two operations. Practice has proved that WMS based on RF technology has great advantages not only in ensuring that enterprises collect dynamic data in real time, but also in improving enterprise efficiency and return on investment. RF radio frequency identification is a non-contact automatic identification technology. It automatically identifies the target object and obtains relevant data through RF signal. The identification work needs no manual intervention and can work in various harsh environments.

Electronic tag, namely radio frequency card, also known as induction card, is a new scientific and technological IC card that reads the information in the card through radio waves. It successfully solves the problem of passivity and contact free. In practical application, the electronic tag is attached to the surface of the object to be identified. The reader can read and identify the electronic data stored in the electronic tag without contact, so as to achieve the purpose of automatic identification. Usually, the reader is connected with the computer, and the read label information is transmitted to the computer for further processing.

Whether WMS can be seamlessly connected with enterprise resource management system ERP and other systems has become an important factor to evaluate its function, and it is also an important basis for enterprises, especially manufacturing enterprises, to implement supply chain management or integrated logistics management. Without this foundation, enterprises cannot effectively implement the rapid response strategy QR or effective customer response ECR strategy. This foundation is realized through interface technology.

The application of voice picking technology is the latest wireless picking technology. Especially when voice picking replaces the traditional paper picking list or transitions from wireless terminal picking to voice technology, it realizes the functions of real-time, accuracy, interaction and timely confirmation, improves the picking efficiency and greatly reduces the error rate.