WMS Warehouse Management System features

Tue Jun 14 11:26:54 CST 2022

WMS Warehouse Management System features

1. Business batch management

This function provides comprehensive batch management functions such as complete material batch information, batch management settings, batch number coding rule settings, daily business processing, report query, and inventory management, so that enterprises can further improve batch management and meet the needs of operation management.

2. Shelf life management

On the basis of batch management, shelf life management and expired inventory warning are provided for materials to meet the shelf life management needs of the food and pharmaceutical industry. You can set the shelf-life material name, enter initial data, process daily documents, and query real-time inventory and reports.

3. Quality inspection management

The integrated quality management function is related to purchase, warehouse, production and other links to realize the quality control of materials, including purchase inspection, completion inspection and inventory sampling inspection. At the same time, the quality inspection module is provided for the warehouse system to comprehensively process inspection documents, quality inspection schemes and quality inspection reports related to quality inspection business, including setting quality inspection scheme inspection documents, quality inspection business reports and other business data, as well as querying quality inspection reports.

4. Real time inventory intelligent management

This function is used to query the real-time inventory quantity and other related information of the current material. Inventory update control updates the current inventory quantity at any time. There are several viewing methods as follows.

Quantity information of all warehouses, bins, materials and batches

Inventory status of current material in warehouse and bin

Inventory status of materials in the current warehouse

Inventory status of each batch of current material in warehouse and bin

Material inventory in current warehouse and current bin

5. Gift management

This function realizes a comprehensive solution for gift management, including gift warehouse setting, associated document definition, gift document setting, defining business document contact, daily business process processing, report query and other functions.

6. Virtual warehouse management

Warehouse not only refers to the site or building with physical form, but also includes the virtual warehouse that does not have the physical form of warehouse, but performs some functions of warehouse and represents different management methods of materials. Warehouse management sets up three virtual warehouse forms: to be inspected warehouse, escrow warehouse and gift warehouse, and provides special documents and reports to comprehensively manage virtual warehouse business.

7. Position management

This function adds bin attribute to the warehouse and performs bin management at the same time to enrich warehouse information and improve inventory management quality, mainly including master data setting, warehouse bin setting, initial data entry, daily business processing and real-time inventory query.

8. Business data associated query

Document Association (including pull-up and push-down associations) is the basis of the business process of the industrial supply chain. Document associated query queries the document relationship in the business process. The warehouse system provides comprehensive association of documents, vouchers, account books and reports, as well as dynamic continuous query.

9. Multi level approval management

Multi level approval management is a work platform for authorizing multi-evel approval, approver, approval authority and approval effect. It is a management method for processing business documents by multi angle, multi-level and sequential approval. It embodies the idea of workflow management and belongs to the basic management setting of user authorization in ERP system.

10. System parameter setting

This function initially sets the basic business information and operation rules of business operations, including setting system parameters, document coding rules, printing and document types to help users grasp business operation specifications and operation control.

11. Perfect system auxiliary tools

With powerful, flexible and convenient system tools, users can process data to meet their own needs.

12. Wave plan

Synthesize multiple orders into one order, or split a large order into multiple small orders. It is mainly used to improve picking efficiency.


It supports seeding and sorting of orders or fruit picking of orders.