Two applications and selection of bar code scanning module

Tue Jun 14 11:10:10 CST 2022

Two applications and selection of bar code scanning module

With the development of automatic identification technology, bar code scanning module has been widely used in many industries, such as vending machine, intelligent express cabinet, intelligent scanning channel gate and so on. The following is the increase in the number of various bar code scanning module models. I think many friends will be worried about how to select the model. The following is a brief introduction to its application and model selection.

1. Selection of self-service terminal equipment

Bar code scanning modules are divided into one-dimensional code and two-dimensional code. If you select self-service terminal equipment such as intelligent express cabinet and vending machine, you need a scanning module that can identify two-dimensional code. Generally, this kind of terminal equipment is used to identify mobile phone two-dimensional code, which requires that the bar code scanning module has high performance of identifying screen two-dimensional code, Considering that it is embedded in the self-service terminal equipment, the bar code scanning module also needs modular design. Therefore, Zhongze recommends mo1860 QR code scanning modules, which are very suitable for embedding into the above equipment for application.

2. Selection of industrial automation

In industrial production, as a bar code scanning equipment on the assembly line, the bar code scanning module can provide stable, reliable and online bar code scanning data of products, and it is more a fixed bar code scanning module, which is generally hung on the mechanical arm to scan the two-dimensional code of products, or fixed to the side of the assembly line.

In short, the application and selection of bar code scanning module are close. Using different types of equipment in different scenarios is conducive to the operation of the equipment.