These five methods can solve the problem that the scanning gun can't scan the barcode

Tue Jun 14 14:29:28 CST 2022

These five methods can solve the problem that the scanning gun can't scan the barcode

Scanning gun is a special tool to identify barcode. When the scanning gun suddenly fails to scan barcode, it may not be that the code is not good, it may not be that the correct method is used. Today, zhongze technician summarized five methods to solve this problem.

1、 To analyze whether the barcode printed by the barcode is complete, of course, you can't buy a professional detector to detect. Ordinary users can see whether the barcode is complete with their naked eyes. As we all know, the barcode is composed of black bar and white bar according to the corresponding standards. You can see whether the printed black bar is clear. If there are some white spots on the black bar, It shows that the barcode is not very good, but the scanning gun with good performance can read it. If the black bar cannot be printed completely, it means that the barcode can not be read at all. It is recommended to detect the equipment that prints the barcode.

2、 Check whether the printed barcode is complete and whether the printed barcode exceeds the label boundary. According to the principle of barcode scanning gun, the barcode must be complete from left to right. Every black bar and white bar has its representative meaning. Even high-end scanners can't scan incomplete barcodes.

3、 Check the code system of the printed barcode, that is, the type of barcode. Generally, the common code systems on the market are code128, code39, EAN-13, etc. if the code system you print is not in this range, you must turn on the scanning function of other code systems of the barcode scanning gun. In particular: many customers will use code93 code to print, some scanning guns do not open code93, so it must be set through the setting code provided in the manual.

4、 The method to check whether the scanning gun is in good condition is very simple: there are some barcodes that can be seen everywhere around us. If the barcodes of beverage bottles, books and food packaging are all printed, the quality is very good. If the barcode scanning gun can not scan these barcodes, it means that the barcode scanning gun is faulty.

5、 Check whether the content of the barcode is close. Due to the limitation of the barcode label width, some barcodes are too long and must be reduced to complete printing. The barcode scanning gun is divided into ordinary scanning gun and high-precision barcode scanning gun. If it's not a high density scanning gun, it can't scan the barcode with high density. This is the problem that the selected scanning gun does not match the printed content of the barcode. The method of detecting matching and mismatching is very simple, which can print the barcode label with short data content for testing.

Through the above five methods to eliminate barcode equipment failure, the user can operate and set.