The special barcode scanning module is embedded in the self-service boarding equipment to make boarding more convenien

Mon Jun 13 17:54:24 CST 2022

The special barcode scanning module is embedded in the self-service boarding equipment to make boarding more convenient

Have you ever had such an experience? I packed up my luggage and ran to the airport by all means, but I was still late. The plane took off without waiting for you. Do you feel desperate at this moment?

Don't worry! Meilan Airport will introduce 18 sets of self-service boarding equipment to help you get on the plane. Other airports are also introducing new equipment with embedded 2D scanning module. This is an embedded 1D / 2D scanning module, which adopts CMOS imaging technology and international leading intelligent image recognition system. The product has powerful reading performance, and can read the barcode information on the mobile phone screen and paper documents. It is mainly used in e-Voucher, mobile marketing, office automation and other fields. The 2D barcode scanning module can complete the channel ticket checking by itself with a simple scan. Are you looking forward to it?

In the future, passengers only need to easily scan the one-dimensional and two-dimensional barcode on the boarding pass, or scan the second-generation ID card to complete the channel ticket checking by themselves, and then they can enjoy the convenient experience brought by the self-service boarding service.

barcode Scanning module, excellent performance, powerful function, widely used!

[product characteristics]

1. Embedded high-performance processing chip: fast decoding speed, high reading accuracy and ability;

2. Paper code reading ability: the main 2D barcode and various one-dimensional barcode printed on paper can also be read;

3. LCD reading ability: high performance mobile phone barcode reader, and its readability has reached the international advanced level;

4. High speed reading: for different mobile phone LCD screens, they generally have different contrast, color and reflection, so the scanner can read them quickly.

5. Easy to use: the setting code provided in the user manual can be read to set the parameters of the scanner, so that the scanner can reach the best working state.