The role of barcode scanner in warehouse management

Tue Jun 14 11:04:03 CST 2022

【1】  Warehousing management: use Android barcode PDA to scan the goods and record them in the database;

【2】 Outbound Management: scan the outbound barcode, display the name of goods, storage location, check and confirm;
【3】 Shift management: when goods move from one location to another, scan the barcode through Android PDA and record it in the database automatically;
Inventory management: after scanning the storage location with Android barcode PDA, the name and quantity of goods will be displayed automatically, and then the barcode will be scanned to confirm whether these goods are in the storage location;
【4】 Goods search: the operator enters the goods number in the Android barcode PDA to display the storage location and barcode of the goods.