System introduction

Tue Jul 19 10:18:53 CST 2022

System introduction

Enterprise warehouse management system is a standardized and intelligent process oriented warehouse management software. It combines the actual situation and management experience of many well-known enterprises. It can accurately and efficiently manage and track customer orders, purchase orders and comprehensive warehouse management. After use, the warehouse management mode has changed completely. From the traditional "result oriented" to "process oriented"; Change from "data entry" to "data acquisition", and be compatible with the original "data entry" mode; From "manual goods search" to "guided and positioned goods pick-up"; At the same time, the "monitoring platform" is introduced to make the management more efficient and fast. The essence of bar code management is process management. The process is fine and controllable, and the results are naturally correct.

It has brought great benefits to users. It is mainly reflected in:

1. Timely data acquisition, accurate process management, full automation and intelligent guidance to improve work efficiency;

2. Accurate positioning management of warehouse location, comprehensive monitoring of status, and making full use of limited warehouse space;

3. For goods on and off the shelf, the full intelligence automatically assigns the warehouse location of on and off the shelf according to first in first out to avoid human error;

4. Control the inventory situation in real time, and reasonably maintain and control the enterprise inventory;

5. Through the automatic collection of batch information, the traceability of product production or sales process is realized.

More importantly, bar code management promotes the transformation of the company's management mode, from traditional experience management to accurate digital analysis management, and from post management to in-process management and real-time management, accelerating capital turnover and improving the response speed of the supply chain, which will enhance the company's overall competitiveness.