Solutions to common faults of barcode scanner

Tue Jun 14 15:57:58 CST 2022

Barcode scanner is widely used in our living places. If the scanning gun can't be used normally, things can't go on. Therefore, for the users of bar code scanning gun, when the bar code scanning gun has common faults, if we can simply deal with them, it will be of great help to our work.


The treatment methods are as follows:

1. When the barcode scanner gun fails, we first need to check whether the data line of the scanning gun and the host are normally connected, mainly including whether the data line is firmly connected, and then check whether it is the original data line used.

2. For the quality of bar code label, it is also the key to the normal use of barcode scanner. Therefore, in case of use failure, we should check the bar code label. For example, when the bar code label is wrinkled, or the bar code label is damaged, it will affect the normal use of the bar code scanning gun.

3. If the barcode scanner still can't work normally, we should contact the supplier of the scanning gun in order to solve it in time.