On line anti duplication system of fixed barcode scanner

Wed Aug 10 09:41:55 CST 2022

On line anti duplication system of fixed bar code scanner

As the identification of products, bar code labels are widely used in all walks of life. However, in the process of printing bar code labels, labels with duplicate numbers will occasionally be printed, which will cause great confusion in the production and supply chain control of products, cause a large number of rework and customer complaints, and the error cost is extremely high. How should we solve this problem?

The solution is as follows:

The bar code online anti duplication system based on the fixed code scanner can quickly and accurately detect the problem bar code, timely send out warnings and make up labels, and avoid unnecessary rework caused by label problems.

The high-speed fixed bar code scanner is mainly used to detect whether the printed bar code can be scanned, and whether there are many bad phenomena such as duplicate code, missing code, few code, wrong number, skipping number and exceeding the range. Realize barcode printing and detection automation, improve label printing quality and efficiency, reduce barcode label printing errors, and avoid product shipping errors.

The fixed bar code scanner of Zhongze technology is mainly used for equipment on the production line. It can detect defective products through laser recognition of product information on the production line, improve the work efficiency on the production line, and ensure that the product delivery rate is zero