Intelligent warehouse management system based on barcode / RFID

Tue Jun 14 11:58:19 CST 2022

Intelligent warehouse management system based on barcode / RFID

 New application stage of warehouse management system (WMS)

The four stages of warehouse management are the application f no system, the application of warehouse management system, the application of warehouse management system based on bar code and the application of warehouse management system based on RFID. At present, the majority of enterprises and companies are still in the second and third stages. The automation and intelligence of RFID warehouse management is becoming the trend of warehouse management, which solves the problems of high labor cost and low operation efficiency of enterprise warehouse management. Customers can implement corresponding solutions by reviewing the following situations in combination with their own situation.

1. The customer has been put into ERP operation and has not developed WMS

For the existing ERP systems of the enterprise, such as SAP system and mm (material management) module, the secondary development failed to start due to various reasons. We aim at the warehouse management systems of UFIDA ERP and sap, such as synchronous data upload and reception, procurement management, arrival management, inspection application management, inspection management, warehousing management, inventory management, packaging management, transfer management and inventory management, Statistical analysis... Several modules expand the existing ERP functions.

2. The customer has been put into WMS operation without barcode management

In view of the situation that the company / enterprise has been on the warehouse management system, but failed to effectively integrate and apply the barcode management and warehouse management system, and failed to make a breakthrough in operation efficiency, we can provide customers with a barcode based warehouse management system solution, which can be seamlessly connected with the existing WMS system to improve the accuracy and timeliness of data input.

3. WMS operation is based on barcode application

Based on the application of bar code, bar code management poses a challenge to data acquisition under harsh working conditions such as high temperature, low temperature and high humidity. However, by embedding RFID technology into the existing warehouse management system, whether from the upstream and downstream cooperation relationship of the supply chain, or to the arrival management, unloading management, quality inspection management, shelf management and distribution management within the enterprise, It can make the real logistics and information flow operate synchronously. The enterprise manufacturing department, procurement department and logistics department can share the logistics information in time, so as to improve the operation efficiency and cohesion of the enterprise.

 Background of application and implementation of warehouse management system

At this stage, within the warehouse system, enterprises generally rely on a non automated, paper-based system to record and track incoming and outgoing goods, and implement the internal management of the warehouse with human memory. For the whole warehouse area, the uncertainty of human factors leads to the following problems:

1. Experienced management over reliance on old employees;

2. Unable to count and monitor the operation efficiency and effective time of employees;

3. The non synchronization between real logistics and information flow has become a normal phenomenon;

4. The information transmission based on paper documents leads to data entry errors and man-made inevitable manual bit error rate;

5. The low efficiency and the increase of human cost caused by human sea tactics;

6. Lack of effective data support for employee KPI assessment;

7. The order printing, stock in, stock out, transfer and inventory of the data clerk become the management bottleneck;

8. The information island effect caused by the failure of efficient integration of inventory dynamic information of materials and finished products with ERP;

With the increase of the quantity of goods and the sharp increase of warehousing frequency, this mode will seriously affect the normal operation efficiency. Wireless warehouse management system greatly improves the efficiency of warehouse operation and management through process automation, storage optimization, automatic task dispatching, goods warehousing and forwarding cross operation. Through bar code scanning, real-time verification and tracking by pallet number, the time for finding location information in the existing mode is greatly reduced (about 2 / 3 can be shortened after detection), the query and inventory accuracy is improved (the accuracy can reach more than 99.95%), the flow speed of out and in warehouse documents is greatly accelerated, and the processing capacity is enhanced.