How to install the fixed scanner? How to use fixed barcode scanner

Tue Jun 14 14:19:42 CST 2022

How to install the fixed scanner? How to use fixed barcode scanner

The application of code reader in the Internet of things industry, according to the application industry and the function is not the same, the selection of barcode reader is different. The application of industrial grade barcode scanner can save manpower, avoid manual errors on the assembly line, and greatly improve the accuracy. In the production line, the use of industrial code reader can solve the problem of barcode self-service detection. In the whole production process, the fixed scanner can scan the barcode of the product, so as to get the product information, and ensure the integrity, user safety and effective recall management. The tracking and scanning of the product is also the detection of the product barcode to ensure the correct direction and position of the barcode, and control the stop and start of the production line by judging the different states of reading the barcode, and verify the barcode label and the real object to check the consistency and quality standard of the data.

How to install the fixed scanner? 1. Put the fixed iron sheet on the desktop where the barcode scanner needs to be fixed, and adjust the position and direction. 2. Fix the iron sheet on the desktop with screws (use M4 self tapping screw or screw head with diameter no more than 8.5mm). 3. Place the empty slot at the bottom of the base of the barcode scanner in line with the groove of the fixed iron sheet. 4. Rotate the base clockwise for 30 ° and the base should just wedge into the iron sheet. Through the above four steps, you can fix the barcode scanner. In the inductive reading mode, the operation steps of scanning barcode are as follows: A. make sure that the scanner, data line, data receiving host and power supply have been correctly connected, then start the machine and the top indicator light will be on. b. Align the barcode on the commodity to the position about 1cm ~ 10cm in front of the reading window of the fixed scanning gun (the larger / longer the barcode is, the farther the barcode is from the reading window of the scanning gun). The lamp is activated, the red lighting area appears and the code reading begins. c. When you hear the success prompt, the sound starts and the red light goes out, the code reading is successful, and the scanner will transmit the decoded data to the host computer.

Fixed barcode scanner light compact shape design: portable shape structure to provide all the required functions, reduce staff fatigue, durable and reliable: durable structure and seal to provide reliable operation, allowing mobile workers to operate data in almost most light conditions, fast and reliable wireless connection: achieve indoor and outdoor wireless coverage, Allow real-time access to the main data, a large processor and network connection: provide fast business transactions, so that mobile workers can quickly complete multiple tasks.

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