How to distinguish the barcode scanning module?

Tue Jun 14 11:13:41 CST 2022

How to distinguish the barcode scanning module?

Most people know that the barcode scanning module can be divided into one-dimensional code module and two-dimensional code module. If there are many barcode scanning modules, you may find that its light source will be different. Therefore, in fact, the barcode scanning module can also be divided into laser module and red light module. Next, Guangzhou Yuanda will introduce the specific differences between laser and red light.

The laser module is different from the red light module

The principle of the laser scanning module is to shoot the laser light source point through the internal laser device, hit the reflector with the mechanical structure device, then oscillate the laser point to the laser line on the bar code by relying on the vibration motor, and then decode it into ad. Digital signal.

The red light scanning module usually uses LED light source and is converted by photoelectric signal through CCD photosensitive element.

Most laser scanning modules rely on distribution to fix the machine to manufacture equipment, so it is easy to be damaged when swinging, and the pendulum is removed. Therefore, we can often see that some laser guns scanned after falling are a point., It produced a fairly high return.

There is no mechanical structure in the middle of the red light scanning module, so the drop resistance is equal to that of the laser, so the stability is better, and the repair rate of the red light scanning module is much lower than that of the laser scanning module.

Physical principle of laser and red light:

Laser refers to the energy of stimulated radiation. The parallelism is very good. Now most of the red light is illuminated by LED. The red light is not what we call infrared light. The physical definition of infrared is the spontaneous emission of an object with temperature.

Electromagnetic waves are invisible. Infrared light includes all light with a wavelength greater than red light, while laser refers to light with a specific wavelength. They are not necessarily related to each other or belong to the same field.

Laser is the radiation produced by amplified light emitted by excitation. Infrared is part of the spectrum invisible to the naked eye. The wavelength is 0.76 to 400 microns. From their wavelength and energy, it is determined by red light.

Light penetration and anti-interference are worse than laser, so outdoor laser is better than red light in strong light.

The following are the two products listed by Guangzhou Yuanda, namely red light module and laser module.

Mo1708 is one of the embedded scanning modules with excellent performance and most recognized by customers. It has two red LEDs to provide exposure auxiliary lighting. It can make it possible to quickly read the bar code target by relying on its own auxiliary lighting even in completely dark conditions. The lighting function can be turned on or off by setting. Because the lighting uses red light, it has a good reading effect for non red bar codes. For special applications using red ink, try to turn off the lighting of mo1708 itself, and use other external lighting such as green lighting for assistance, which may obtain good reading performance. It is recommended to determine the wavelength of external auxiliary light source after comparative experiment. Mo1708 adopts the fifth generation uimg core decoding technology independently developed, which can quickly read all kinds of quality bar codes. The USB and ttl232 interfaces provided meet more interface requirements. The integrated design of decoding board and camera reduces the volume and can meet the needs of various extremely miniaturized applications. It is deeply loved by customers in various industries and highly praised by handheld device R & D manufacturers and integrators at home and abroad. It is widely used in many different projects, bringing new scientific and technological forces to the reform of embedded scanning industry!

Lv1365 barcode scanning module reading engine is an OEM product application specially provided for customers. This high-performance CCD reading engine integrates the image collector and decoding board, with small volume and light weight. It can be easily embedded into various devices as barcode reading components

The scanning module adopts independent core technology, including optical system, photoelectric coupling system, encoding and decoding, graphics digitization, embedded system, graphics processing and a series of comprehensive technologies. It can read all international standard one-dimensional bar codes, and its reading performance has reached the international advanced level