How to choose wireless Bluetooth scanner

Tue Jun 14 15:15:41 CST 2022

Scanners are used to scan bar code, some can scan one-dimensional code, some can scan both one-dimensional code and two-dimensional code. In terms of communication mode, scanners can transmit through wireless Bluetooth, which is more convenient than wired. So, how should wireless Bluetooth scanner be purchased? What are the precautions?

1、 Types of scanning barcode
Select the appropriate barcode scanning engine. Different barcode recognition engine recognition modules have different characteristics and application scenarios.
1) The wireless Bluetooth scanner composed of laser scanning module is usually used in warehouses and shopping malls. The bar code printing of these applications is relatively standard and complete. Because of its mechanical structure, the laser scanning module's wireless Bluetooth scanner is not resistant to falling, nor can it scan worn and wrinkled bar codes.
2) The wireless Bluetooth scanner with red light or photosensitive scanning module is commonly used in transportation, warehousing, logistics, office, cashier, mobile payment and other scenes. It can scan bar codes that are defaced, worn, deformed or even torn. And it can scan the barcode on the screen of mobile phone and computer.