Construction concept of intelligent warehouse management (WMS) system

Tue Jun 14 11:30:31 CST 2022

Construction concept of intelligent warehouse management (WMS) system

Construction concept of intelligent warehouse management (WMS) system

We have conducted preliminary industry research and analysis, and know how to build a WMS system more in line with enterprise business. For the design of WMS system infrastructure, we should start from several aspects:

Keep improving: upgrade the batch management of materials from receipt batch to supplier production date and production batch management; It can solve the quality problems caused by the same production date and different delivery time of suppliers.

"Fine": one code, one thing, split to generate a new barcode, inherit all the attributes of the parent barcode, improve the management of raw materials, use Android PDA + portable barcode printer, and quickly install, deploy and upgrade based on app.

The foundation of building intelligent warehouse and digital system is to refine and standardize the underlying data dimensions, refine the operation records of the whole process, and realize the information transparency, forward query and reverse traceability of commodity circulation process. Achieve effective data analysis during the operation period.

quality standard

IOS quality system management: GB / t2828.1-2012 technical sampling inspection standard is used, different AQL standards are used for different materials, special marks are made for suppliers submitted for inspection for the first time, and whether they are tightened is automatically determined according to the inspection structure. MSD Management: when receiving MSD materials, calculate the air exposure time and timeout

Dry the device.

Location wave

Receipt: the receiving areas of different materials are different. Location guidance is carried out according to different areas to increase operation efficiency; Improve the accuracy of goods location identification.

Picking: picking (road guidance) and splitting operations are carried out according to the production task release, production scheduling and scheduling time, and random inspection, verification and verification can be carried out for material issuance.

Inventory management

Flexible inventory strategy, which can realize moving disk, open disk and blind disk; Targeted counting can be carried out for annual, monthly, material and cargo area, or change counting can be carried out according to time cycle.

Overdue early warning initiates early warning for raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products in the warehouse, and performs operations according to planned demand evaluation, quality inspection evaluation and warehouse.

Delivery Management

The warehouse has fast product turnover, many orders, close collection of production, warehouse and sales. The warehouse intelligently calculates and delivers goods in one set according to the urgency of the order. Special orders can be changed, removed from the shelf and returned to the warehouse. Non-standard packing can be used for out of warehouse packaging. Automatically calculate the weight and volume, and recheck the delivery.

The warehousing system in the same industry will also have different functions due to different businesses and volumes. Therefore, WMS system is an industry customized system. We should analyze and analyze the business according to the degree of enterprise information construction, with emphasis and trade-offs. Turn all offline businesses into online businesses, break through data barriers, increase efficiency, reduce enterprise costs, make them digital and transparent, and realize the whole warehouse and whole process information sharing. Finally, the development trend of the enterprise, the management concept, the information and data concerned by the managers, and the improvement of the system process are all important factors affecting the success of the system.