Common Problems And Solutions

Sun Jan 08 17:23:29 CST 2023

Chapter 7 Common Problems And Solutions

Problem: The barcode scanner does not work.

possible reason:

1. The barcode scanner is not powered, check the power of the equipment.

2. If you are using an incorrect cable, use the cable that was originally configured.

3. The cable interface is loose and reconnected.

4. Check if the button is normal.

Problem: The barcode scanner scans normally, but the data output is incorrect.

possible reason:

1. The cable interface is loose and reconnected.

2. Barcode scanner may not be configured to display the correct terminal.

3. If you are using a USB to RS232 cable, if the data output is garbled, it may be that the data reception speed of the device does not match the output speed of the barcode scanner.

Problem: Barcode scanner does not decode some barcodes. possible reason:

1. The barcode is defective. Try to scan the same type of test barcode to see if it can be interpreted.

2. The distance between the barcode scanner and the barcode is not suitable. Please move closer or move away the barcode.

3. For barcodes with poor print quality, the preferred reading distance is 5-10 cm.

4. Confirm that your device is enabled for this barcode type.

Problem: Other conditions cannot be decoded.

possible reason:

1. Turn off the device power; properly connect the device to the barcode scanner; turn on the device and test it.

2. If the problem still cannot be solved, please contact the dealer or the manufacturer.