Barcode scanning gun common causes of failure

Wed Mar 01 11:12:28 CST 2023

Barcode scanner in the application, often encounter a variety of human or external factors, resulting in scanner can not be used, affect the efficiency of work.

Here are some of the most common problems with scanning guns:


Scanning gun without light:

The scanner gun has several ports such as USB, PS2 and COM. First check whether the cable connection is correct. If it is the latter, generally after connecting the device, you need to restart the computer.


After reading the bar code, the scanner crashes:

1) Due to the protection function of the scanning gun, if the data transmission error of the barcode read, it will automatically enter the protection state to prevent data loss. If you read data that has not been successfully transferred, you can use the scan gun again.

2) If this happens, please check the connection and protocol carefully. After confirmation, close the scanning gun and open it again to resume normal use.

After normal connection, the scanner is out of power:

1) Poor power connection;

2) The fuse is blown;

3) The power circuit of the scanning gun is faulty;

Other common bar code scanner faults should be sent for repair:

1) The indicator light is abnormal and the equipment cannot work;

2) Abnormal sound;

3) No laser line;

4) The scanning distance becomes very close.

The following is a list of several more complex failure cases:

1) The function of reading the barcode is not enabled;

2) The bar code does not meet the specification, such as the lack of necessary blank space, the contrast between the bar code and space is too low, the ratio of the bar code to the width of the space is not appropriate;

3) Direct sunlight, photosensitive devices into the saturation zone;

4) The surface of the bar code is covered with transparent material, and the reflectivity is too high. Although the bar code can be seen by the naked eye, the reading conditions of the collector are strict and cannot be read.

5) If hardware fails, contact a good dealer for repair.